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Struggling to Stand Out Like A Fart In A Lift?

You love the idea of doing things differently in life and in business, after all, you are you,

Yet when looking around chances are you’ve decided to blend in or just borrowed a few ideas from other local contractors, seeing that they’re doing SO well you figured they must be doing something right, surely!

Similar Logo’s, initials followed by the service you offer, running your business through a hotmail account, colour schemes lacking creativity are just a few of the common pitfalls out there to contend with, I see it over and over again, chances are you have too?

However, it should come as no surprise why your customers decide that they want to try and compare you all on prices, as far as they know you are all the same people offering the same services, billing them per hour or the dreaded day rate for your efforts

Not exactly inspiring is it?

This also will lead to the trap of working harder, longer and trying to do more than the other trades based businesses in your local area

Finding yourself catering to everyone, yet marketing to no-one

It’s like throwing a shovel full of shit against the wall to see what sticks

This is a recipe for time wasters, hagglers and people that quite simply are not your ideal customers

They won’t value your services and query each aspect of your quotes, comparing you to the rest

Regrettably, you’re finding that you say yes to these people, to keep the team busy and things moving forward, ignoring gut instincts that prove you right, time and time again


HOWEVER, it is NOT your fault!!!

They don’t teach you sales, marketing and positioning when you’re at college now, do they? And if they did how relevant would it be to what’s going on out there in the world today

Websites, social media, SEO, PPC, Content, 3rd party lead generation

A minefield to the uninitiated

Nor do they teach you how to take nice pictures or eye-catching, scroll stopping content, crafting well-written messages that woo your customers into parting with their hard-earned cash

 Fear not, there is a solution squire, read on to find out what…

Like Having Your Own Subbie Marketing Team

Just without the headache of having to manage yet another persons workload or wondering if they’ll be joining the Monday Club

We’ll bring the expertise to the areas you’re falling short in, giving you a fresh set of eyes that’s not afraid to give brutally honest feedback rather than blowing smoke up your poo pipe

A Way With Your Words

Taking your business to the next level of communication, with customer centric messaging that cuts through the rest of the noise out there on the web, grabbing your prospects attention like a lady of the night misbehaving in the middle of the afternoon in a quaint village  in the depths of Surrey 

Or a poorly mitred skirting board 

Anyway, you get the point, our work helps you be seen in an age of digital distractions, saturated suburbia and an ever increasingly more competitive domestic trades sector

Act now, Thank us later

Times More Customers


Avg Increase in Job Value

Putting Your Presence on The Map

Whether you like it or not the days of old and the strategies that worked then simply won’t cut the mustard with the consumers of today, the age of ignorance has passed, search engines and savviness has lead to many people wanting to check you out online before they do business with you

Nowhere is off limits as far as they’re concerned 

Question: What do you want to be known for?

Exceptional customer service and quality of work?

Attention to Detail and passion for your projects?


Sub-standard work, unreliable workers, hidden extras and unhappy customers?

Embarrassing images of you worshipping the porcelain god after 10 pints, an elephant leg kebab of questionable standing and riding a traffic cone home like Harry Potter on his broom?

Yep, some people would consider it acceptable to do these things and not attempt to rectify their wrongdoings, post irrelavent content to their business page and not see the issue, luckily I sense as you’ve made it this far you’re not one of them

Having a hand with key areas to help position your domestic trades business in the right way can be the difference between being chosen or overlooked as though you’re the last pastry in that’s been sat in the glass display case for days on end

I know where I’d rather be, keep scrolling to discover how we could Help you if you’re a good fit 

business is your online shopfront prodigitales marketing for tradesmen

I hadn’t realised what Alan was capable of doing on a computer, he has had such a huge impact in my business since we started working together

We’ve got decent local jobs and I don’t have to worry about going out quoting every night after beign on the tools all day 

Thank you!

Sam Goulding

Owl Garden Studios

What Are THEY Saying?

Alan Prodigitales digital marketing for tradesmen

Working alongside Alan and team to get my newly established business moving  has really helped me get a good head start in

I was uncertain at first but am over the moon with the inights and attention to detail, which run alongside my mentoring program has set me up on solid foundations 


James Farquharson

JF Heating

Such a help, we have really benefitted from using Alan to help us with marketing in our business

Having initially got him in to assist with rewriting courses, descriptions and web copy, we soon realised there was much more to this guy and his skillset we could make use of

So glad that we did

Paul Thistleton

Italiano Stucco

The ideas and levels of creativity that have gone into my branding &  marketing message has been perfect 

My customers are excited to hear what I have to say & I’m confidently winning around 27% more work than I was before, with the clients being better quality


Peter S

Freshlook Property Services

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It’s Normal to Feel abit Apprehensive, Nervous or that this could still be a bogus call centre overseas and that Alan is in fact a middle aged Asian woman!

At this point there’s only one way to find out 


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